About Us

iTurnos was developed in 2009 in Argentina by CORMOS, an argentine society founded by Humberto Della Corte in 2000 as a web hosting service. Its president, Engineer Humberto Della Corte, saw that the process of scheduling an appointment was better resolved online, by the patient / client himself since he could be comparing his agenda to his doctor’s agenda instead of having to choose an appointment from 4/5 options read by the secretary.

Our high level of commitment with clients is what makes us different. We are proud of the quality of the service and constant support we provide.

In December of 2015 we celebrated five million appointments. We look forward to serve you.


Cormos S.A. – Polo I Building

iTurnos Argentina
Tel:  (+54) 11-4119-2061
POLO UNO building
Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
map florida adress iturnos




iTurnos USA
Tel: (+1) 305-967-6912
8345 NW 66TH ST #8463
Zip code:  33195-2696
Miami, Florida, United States